How important are family and friends in my life?

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We all know that our family and friends are really important to us. They help us when we need it, and they stay with us when everyone else is leaving. Some of us may think that they are not important just because they still don’t understand how much support and energy they give us every day, or maybe they are not lucky and still haven’t met the right people. From my point of view, friends and family are really important, and I will bring some examples to support my perspective.

Firstly, and mainly, our family has been with us for our whole lives. They saw our first steps, they heard our first words, and they are always with us. They helped us choose who we wanted to become or what our hobby was. For example, I had been attending dance classes for more than eight years, and I really enjoyed them. If not for my family, I don’t think I would ever go dancing.
Secondly, and not less important, friends are not as constant as our family, but if we find the right person, they will stay for a really long time, I am sure. Friends are with us through literally everything. They know stuff about us that sometimes even parents don’t know. Most of the time, we spend with our friends. We are taking some character traits from them, and they are taking some from us. For example, I have a childhood friend with whom we have been friends for about 12 years, and we are still close friends. We don’t talk as much as we used to because of different schools and schedules, but when we meet, I have a really warm feeling and motivation for the rest of the month.
In conclusion, I would like to say that family and friends are really important to me. My mood depends mostly on their behaviour.

Author: 9thgrade

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